My Divorce

I probably know more people who are Divorced than living as a family unit, I personally think that is a thing of the past,which is a shame especially if you have children.

My Divorce isn’t much different to anyone else that has been through it, my ex husband didn’t leave me for another woman, in fact that would of been easier to be honest, he left or should I say he disappeared for drugs.

Two years before we spilt problems had developed within our marriage, he had become very moody and difficult, he was never a husband or father who spent anytime at home with us as a family, he was either working or fishing or shooting whether it be clay shooting or game , so I always felt like a single parent but Inside I was craving the ideal family unit.

my ex husband spent less and less time at home and was very agitated and defensive when I asked him where he’d been , on a number of trips out with the children he was very abusive towards me in front of the children, I insisted that he visit the G.P as I felt maybe there was more going on,he was diagnosed with depression and put on a course of anti depressants, this had a very little affect , things went from bad to worse, horrendous mood swings days in bed feeling sick and cold, shouted at the children who would regularly go up to the bedroom to see if he was ok, he would push them away mentally and physically.

Then the disappearing at night came he wouldn’t come home from work I wouldn’t know where he was no phone call, some nights he wouldn’t come home at all, when he did turn up in the middle of the night he would binge on the boys lunch food endless bags of crisps, whole packets of chocolate for example he ate 36 two fingered ¬†KitKat in an hour, if you are unaware of drug users this is very common to binge on junk food when high, headaches sickness feeling cold flu like symptoms are due to not getting a fix so the body very quickly withdraws causing illness.

through my ex’s ¬†involvement of drugs my children and myself lost everything, and I could never forgive him for that, I also think that he is Autistic which would account for his unusual behavior and obsessions with hobbies.

To be honest it’s the most stressful situation I’ve ever been through, especially when you have children together, not that he was ever overly concerned for them, he just wanted his money out of the house ,with little disregard for where his children would live, the house was sold and the financial settlement was sorted in one day, at a court hearing.

Sitting in the court waiting room I looked around and watched the barristers haggling and discussing matters between the other party’s,what a sorry state things had become to have what you have built up together for all those years now be divided each parties legal representatives trying to get the best deal for their clients, what was this all about, what was the point in all that hard work to get where we wanted and now our dirty washing so to speak was being sorted in a tiny waiting room where everyone could hear, distressing is the only word that can describe that situation and one I hope never to be in again


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