Info Info Info

It will be six years this year since Will was diagnosed, and looking back at my ending comment, about never knowing my son actually is very far from the truth, I actually know him extremely well, this has all been possible by cramming my brain with INFO INFO INFO, I have been fortunate to be pointed in the right direction in my area to training courses, monthly coffee mornings, all of this is  run by the local Assist Group, who support family’s and young people on the Autistic spectrum, They actually do not receive the credit they are due, as ,if it wasn’t for this group I wouldn’t  be in such a good place,they have taught me how to enter my sons world, how to understand him, how to support him and except him for who he is.

The one thing that has helped me so much is meeting with other parents who are in the same situation,and sometimes just to listen to them talk about similar struggles makes you feel better that you are not the only one who is going through this,before I attended this support group I was the parent in the playground who stood on the side lines, I was the parent who’s son was the only one not to be invited to party’s or for tea, I was the parent who watched other parents point me out as having the out of control son, and I was the parent who had to comfort my son when children at school used him as a form of entertainment.

I was also the parent who was told on a number of occasions that there wasn’t anything wrong with my son, he was under privileged because he came from a broken home ,even though I had payed to get him help and diagnosed .

As a parent of an autistic child I didn’t fit in with the nerotypical parents and children at the local school more to the fact in any mainstream school, but I have found a place where as a family , a mother , a mother of an autistic child we do fit in ,we do belong , we learn off each other and support each other,even though our young people exhibit different traits we are all in the same boat we all know what it’s like to have to enter a totally different world to understand and help our children ,we feel that we belong , we feel understood, we feel excepted.

After going through this journey with my son , I’m in know doubt that to be able to help someone with a disability or illness the best weapon and the strongest weapon is INFO INFO INFO ,my son couldn’t visit my world, so I made sure I could visit his ……




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